About Me

02Growing up we always had a dog or two at home, and as a child I always knew I would work with animals. Sadly, as we become adults, our dreams sometimes become forgotten and we allow ourselves to be pushed into a "real" job.

When my husband and I bought our first house we knew right away that we wanted a dog. We decided on a malamute... then decided to get two, not knowing the issues that we would be faced with.

While working with our dogs, my childhood dream of working with animals came flooding back to me. I spent months searching the web and doing research on different schools, when I realized that Brad Pattison’s Certified Educator Trainer course is truly the one that works.

I am so excited to be a CET and to help people obtain the bond with their dogs that I have been able to find with mine. To know what it feels like to have your dog be able to come downtown with you and be confident in their safety and training, or to be welcomed into family and friend’s houses’ because of their manners.